Words of Hope to the Faith Community of St. James

“Lord, teach us how to pray. . .

Dear members and friends of St. James,

Too often in today’s world, we don’t always know what we are looking for, or how to get what we want. Following the events in our nation’s capital on Wednesday afternoon and evening, we are reminded that something has gone terribly wrong in our country, yet our struggle for a common humanity continues anew.

As we write these “words of hope and faith” to you on this evening of the Festival of Epiphany, we remember that the astrologers from the East didn’t quite know what they were looking for, but they followed a beacon. They were searching for some form of reassurance that there really is more to life than what they may have been seeing and experiencing around them. They chose to believe that goodness has the last word in life.

As your pastors here at St. James we reach out to you today, wishing to touch the pain you may be undergoing at this time. Together with you, our hearts cry out; our souls are hungry; our spirits thirst. Yet we deeply believe that God is still in the air we breathe. God is still the song we sing. God is still our inward journey. God is the joy and strength of our lives. So we pray:

In prayer, O God, we confess that we are all part of the brokenness around us.

In prayer, O God, we gather up the broken pieces.

In prayer, O God, we retrieve that which we have lost.

In prayer, O God, we lay open to your love all we have and all we are.

In prayer, O God, we aspire to the practice of your Presence.

In prayer, O God, we search and are known.

In prayer, O God, we enter into holiness and ask for healing.

In prayer, O God, we beg for human wholeness, justice and life.

In prayer, O God, we ask forgiveness for our part in the damage around us.

We believe that goodness has the final word in life, and like the disciples, we want to know the power of prayer as our own, the power of prayer as your own. Always know that we are here for you and we love you.

~Pastor Mike and Pastor Andrew (1/6/21)