Committees comprised of St. James members oversee and carry out a multitude of tasks, covering a wide range of interests and services. All committee work is approved and guided by the St. James Congregation Council. Church members are welcome to serve on most committees.

Art & Design Committee
The mission of the Art and Design Committee is to maintain the décor of the church so that it is conducive to worship.

Child Care Governance Committee
The Child Care Governance Committee ensures that the Child Care Center carries out its mission.  The primary responsibility of the Committee is to recommend policies and plans of the Child Care Center to the Congregation Council.

Christian Education Committee
The mission of the Christian Education Committee is to teach the Good News of Jesus Christ in this congregation, providing diverse opportunities for learning for Christians of all ages.

Evangelism Committee
The Evangelism Committee encourages members of the congregation to reach out to others in the community.

Finance Committee
The mission of the Finance Committee is to further the mission of St. James Lutheran Church by reviewing and reporting on its financial resources and expenditures.

History & Archives Committee
The mission of the History and Archives Committee is to preserve, protect, and maintain the permanently valuable archival records of St. James Lutheran Church and to oversee the development of historical interpretations of the life of the congregation.

Mission Fund Committee
The purpose of the Mission Fund Committee is to solicit suggestions from members of the congregation about organizations or programs to be considered for support, to evaluate the suggestions, and to make specific recommendations to Congregation Council for the distribution of monies in the Mission Fund to support the local and worldwide mission of the church.

Mission Support Committee
The mission of the Mission Support Committee is to further the mission of St. James Lutheran Church through the encouragement of individual discipleship and the faithful use of time, talents, and resources.

Property Committee
The mission of the Property Committee is to maintain, improve and keep up the church and associated properties.

Social Ministry Committee
The mission of the Social Ministry Committee is to reach out into the congregation and community to identify social needs and to respond with faithful ministries.

World Outreach Committee
The mission of the World Outreach Committee is to act on behalf of the congregation in supporting and advancing the work of faith, active in love, in locations outside of the United States.  The committee fulfills this responsibility according to the word proclaimed in Mark 16:15 and Matthew 25:40.

Worship & Music Committee
The Worship and Music Committee assists the Staff and Council in planning and evaluating the worship services of the church, so that they are conducted regularly, in accordance with the liturgical practices of the ELCA.

Youth Ministry Committee
The mission of the Youth Ministry Committee is to provide extensive ministry opportunities for the youth of St. James Lutheran Church.