Members and community friends are invited to attend a concert dedicating the refurbished St. James pipe organ on Sunday, June 3 at 4:00pm. Special music by the St. James Adult Choir, organ selections by Tim and Barbara Braband, hymn singing, and reflections will highlight the completion of the organ refurbishment first started in 2009.

The W. Zimmer & Sons pipe organ, installed in May of 1971 after the devastating 1969 fire, combined the best of modern technology and classical organ tradition.  Over the years it has proven itself a valuable part in the leading of hymn singing, liturgical music, choir accompaniment and concerts.  In 2009, the pipe organ was completely refurbished: a new moveable console, solid state control system, great chorus trumpet, swell division oboe, zimbelstern (bell-star), re-leathered chests as well as total cleaning of the 1884 pipes was undertaken by the R. J. Brunner Company at a cost of $129,525.

Additional upgrades at that time were beyond our budget.  In 2016, the organ committee recommended to Congregation Council that we undertake the final additions to the instrument which we will dedicate on Sunday, June 3: the festival trumpet above the baptistry, a new 16-foot Posaune reed in the pedal, which replaced the Fagott that was tonally limited due to half-length resonators.  In addition, two digital (electronic) voices were added to the pedal division: a 32-foot Contra Bourdon and a 16-foot Principal.  Congregation members Dick Unger, Wayne Hill and Tim Braband sought out large gifts to make these upgrades possible.  Congregation Council approved the project at a cost of $65,000 and a contract for the work was signed on January 18, 2017. These upgrades have added greatly to the versatility and aesthetic beauty of the St. James Pipe organ.

Plan to attend this concert in celebration of this completed project.  Soli Deo Gloria!