Let us come home this Season of Advent as we prepare and await the birth of Christ!

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Unfailing Light Worship Service
Messages of Homecoming
December 1 – Bill Shoemaker
December 8 – Blayne Miller
December 15 – Addy Dunlop
December 22 – Brent Smith

The word “Advent” means coming or arrival; thus this theme opens to us the possibilities of how this season can serve as a reminder how our lives are continually called to active waiting, preparing and arriving.  This theme opens up various possibilities and opportunities to reflect on how our ordinary daily lives, even as they take us to various places, finally bring us home.  At a time when “home” has been challenged, disrupted and changed for many of us, this Advent invites us to “come home,” to recognize the ways Jesus is already coming home into the world—the Word made flesh!

Unfortunately, we are not ready to resume the soup & fellowship dinner prior to the worship service.